The World's First Olive Oil *Event*


JAN 22, 2019 // 5:00PM PST




Let me ask you 1 quick question...

Did you know that the olive oil in your pantry may not be olive oil at all? (In fact, if you buy your olive oil from a typical grocery store, there’s an excellent chance that it is made of cheap canola oil instead) As I’m sure you can probably guess, this can have serious consequences on your health and lead to issues like bloating, aches, and lower testosterone. After learning about the corrupt and crime-ridden olive oil industry, Selo Oils decided to become the change the industry needed. Our olive oil is 100% genuine fresh-pressed extra virgin olive oil from a little coastal town in Croatia, and in time, we are going to become the world’s leading genuine olive oil company. (It won’t be hard… we are one of the few real ones on the market) We decided to put together the world’s first Olive Oil *Event* so you can understand why the olive oil you cook with makes a much bigger difference than most people think.  

What you are going to see:

● The unfortunate truth about Canola oil and how it may be holding you back in the bedroom and how to fix it (One of the real benefits of consuming high quality oils) 

● The mysterious and sketchy practices of the olive oil business that include selling you rancid bottles, lying about ingredients, and deceptive marketing (some of these sneaky tactics make the boys from Narcos look ethical…)  

● The heroic and epic history of olive oil, and why Hippocrates and Homer were so incredibly fond of the “liquid gold” (hint: The ancient greeks understood things about health that average people completely neglect today) 

● The first live 20 minute cooking show with a real life Babushka (These traditional recipes are easy to prepare and Selo Approved

● The link between low quality seed oils and inflammation in your body (If you ever get bloated and achy, you need to take notes on this) 

● The only way to actually tell if your olive oil is legitimate or not (The fridge and oil lamp test are extremely unreliable, if you were wondering)  

I Know What You May Be Thinking...

I know what you may be thinking. “It’s just olive oil, what’s the big deal?” I get it. We usually don’t think twice about our cooking oils, and for good reason. It seems we have much more pressing issues to worry about. However, if you are cooking at home on a regular basis, and you should be, then you understand how important using quality ingredients is for both flavor and health purposes. You wouldn’t expect a delicious and tender ribeye steak from the discount meat section at Walmart, would you? Why would you expect the oils you cook with to be any different? If you are buying $15 “olive” oil from the store, this live training is for you. If you are interested in achieving a top tier physique, this live training is for you. If you are looking for a simple way to boost your testosterone and sexual performance, this live training is for you. Yes folks, I know the claims above may seem outlandish (they certainly did to us at first), but the facts remain: High quality olive oil can help you stand out from the pack in many ways, and frankly, it’s criminal that you have been denied the benefits of the “liquid gold” for so long. Come join us for Selo’s first education event, broadcasted live from our village by the sea.